Assessment Center and Development Center is a diagnostic technique based on tests, studies and tasks used in different situations.The aim is to assess, diagnose and develop the participant’s preferences. Types and forms of diagnostic techniques are performed on the basis of pre-selected and defined competence of the candidate.


Application of AC/DC, it is advisable for the recruitment of Your organization, when determining the current level of competence, at the start of development activities as an examination of training needs, as well as for career counseling and career planning of individual candidates. Assessment of competence in which participants are observed and evaluated by us on the basis of objective assessments of the candidate is made on a number of selected planes.

PK_ACDC This method has high efficiency and accuracy of the assessment of the competence of candidates to work.As a key element of the start of the session is to identify and describe the competencies You expect from a candidate and that will be most important in the performance of the job.

 The precise and careful packaging sheets of competence assessed by the assessors is matched to the descriptions of these competencies in the characteristics of Your organization.


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