Psychological tests are standard procedure in recruitment processes. Nowadays even small businesses use psychological tests during selection process. Psychological tests are set of tasks or questions, which allow to obtain samples of behavior, on the basis of which some psychological traits can be assumed.  In the case of tests use in recruitment process, we study traits associated with job tasks.

We offer several tests:

Intelligence Tests:


Raven’s Progressive Matrices, which are typically used to test general intelligence. This test is made of 60 multiple choice questions, divided into 5 series (A, B, C, D, E) 12 questions each. The task is to  identify the missing element, that completes a pattern. This test has satisfactory psychometrical properties.

APIS Battery of Tests is used to measure intelligence. This tool measures crystallized intelligence , which represents knowledge and skills gained during life. This battery of tests measures 4 types of abilities: abstract – logical, verbal, visual spatial and social.


Questionnaires, which measures job competencies:

Multidimensional questionnaire of job preferences. It is a questionnaire, which allow diagnosis of preferences in work tasks and environment. It allows to generate a list of advised and discouraged jobs: demanding planning or improvising, with little or very stimulating work environment.

Test of attention and perception, which allows to measure concentration, divided attention  and perception of candidate in various situations.

Personality questionnaires

NEO-FFI. This questionnaire measures Big Five personality traits. Five factors in this model are: neuroticism, extraversion, open to experience, agreeableness and conscientiousness. Results allow to full diagnosis of candidate’s personality and cautious forecasting of ability to adapt to school and work environment.

Test „Scale of Employee. It is a questionnaire aimed to measure locus of control in work environment.

Temperament Questionnaire PTS, which is made for diagnosis of temperament (according to the concept of Pawlow).

Carrer Capital Questionnaire – is a personality questionnaire based on scientifically reliable concept MBTI (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, created by K. Cook Briggs and I. Briggs Myers) of sixteen basic types of personality.

The concept of personality types, on which this tool is based assumes that individuals:

  • have different preferences in concentration of attention (extraversion or introversion)
  • differ in preferences in gaining information (analytic and intuitive approach)
  • have different preferences in decision-making (through analysis or through emotions)
  • treat outside world in different ways (by judging or observation)

CCQ allows to define strengths and weaknesses of an individual – personality traits, temperament and motivations. It allows to define perfect work specifics and environment, motivators and demotivators, preferable management style,  best form of delegation of tasks and type of tasks, in which particular individual will have chance for self-realization and success. Results show personality type of candidate.

Coping with Stress Questionnaire  (CISS). This questionnaire can be used to diagnose stress coping style. Results are presented on 3 scales:

  1. SSZ – style concentrated on task
  2. SSE – style concentrated on emotions
  3. SSU – style concentrated on avoiding (this particular style has to forms: engaging in substitute activities and seeking for social contacts)

CISS is recommended as tool in selection of candidates for jobs associated with stress and  time or environment pressure.

10 We also offer competency tests, which allow best candidate selection for job profile. These tools prevent mistakes in recruitment and additional costs associated with hiring wrong employee. Tests allow to objectively measure the level of each competency and to compare the results between candidates (each candidate receives the same set of questions or tasks).