Competency models

Competency models allow You to streamline processes in the field of human resource management, which will undoubtedly result in the efficiency of business processes in Your company. Enable You to effectively manage employees based on an objective and fair assessment of their competence.

 PK_modele_kompetencyjne3 Consistency of these competencies with the mission and vision of Your organization, ensures an appropriate level and enable them to develop the ability of the right people in the right place.

We apply competency models to the following processes in your company:

  • in the recruitment and selection of staff
  • in planning career paths
  • in periodic evaluations systems
  • in job descriptions and their valuation
  • in development activities for employees, their motivation and rewarding

We will help You choose the details and highlight the following competencies:

  1. company wide powers – required for all positions
  2. managerial competence – specific managerial staff
  3. special competencies – specific to Your area

Due to the highly personalized nature of the service, it will match Your specific needs and expectations.


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