Our recruitment procedures will give Your best candidates and employees on vacant jobs in Your organization. We’ll provide You with necessary tools and an array of techniques letting You optimize recruitment and selection processes in Your companies HR department. It will contribute to greater trust and positive image of Your organization in eyes of potential candidates.


We’ll begin with joined consultation on defining characteristics of position You want to fill. We’ll help You with defining requirements for candidate and benefits he’ll gain joining Your company. After that together we will communicate Your offer with labor market and select the best candidates. Thanks to our support You’ll know If certain person will be right choice for given job. Apart from formal qualifications we will also check candidates competencies, motivation and predispositions. A wide array of tools such as questionnaires, tests, interviews and case studies adjusted to individual needs of Your company will be used. Our standardized tools provide reliable outcomes which can be used to compare candidates. We’ll help You create Your own tools or provide assistance while choosing existing ones. What’s more, You can count on our help with training Your personnel to use them efficiently.


PK_procedury_rekrutacyjne1 In order to provide services adjusted to uniqueness of Your organization will analyze culture and environment looking and business strategy You execute. We’ll put into consideration specifics of Your industry and competition present on market to monitor and adjust HR processes.


Deciding on our recruitment consulting You receive:

  • Wide array of candidates with competencies adjusted to required jobs
  • Specialists support during selection of candidates
  • Various tools precisely measuring competencies
  • Knowledge, experience and support on every stage of cooperation

Thanks to our recruitment processes consulting You’ll accelerate HR processes in Your organization, enhance image of company on labor market and increase motivation in Your team.