Our offer enables You to use full array of services of HR outsourcing. Design your future with us and bet on your individual development!


We can offer You professional trainings under our regular offer which is still expands or we can create tailor-made training suited to Your needs and even better influence Your organization. Range of our services is very bread. We offer specialized training for different sectors which keep on being adjusted to growing expectations of participants.


We also provide recruitment and selection services. Our experiences specialists will recruit perfect candidates adjusted to specifics of Your organization. We recruit on international markets focusing on all middle to high positions.

PK_uslugi Are You looking for a way to optimize structure or organizational environment which You manage? Do you want to acquire best candidates and employees for vacancies in your organization or simply You need to access experts and professionals  fast? HR Consulting we offer will be answer to all these problems.


If You are interested in personal development, You also came to the right place. Design with us Your resume on the basis of a series of tests of competence and prepare Yourself for the profession. We’re happy to offer You a number of services related to professional coaching, no matter what stage of life You are now and what challenges You face. Select the appropriate option for You. Life, business or career?

Thanks to Interim HR service we will give you an opportunity to use temporary support in human resources related processes in your company. We know that proper leading of personnel is a key aspect influencing not only higher profit and better atmosphere in your team. Leasing of Personal Director or HR manager will be a solution to problems in Your company or simply optimize current processes and increase their efficiency,

We invite You to cooperation if You think of personal and organizational development. We will diagnose Your current situation and help You set the goals and achieve them.


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