Employee outsourcing

Do You need to reach specialists and experts or maybe optimize cost of employment in Your organization? Use our employee leasingservice.

As Carrier Designers we’re in constant contact with over 50 employment agencies in country and abroad which specialize in different industries. We’ll advice You optimal solution no matter how complicated is your organizations situation. Do you look for CNC operator in Ukraine or Moldavia? Or do you need babysitter or software developer in Germany or Belgium? These are just examples. Our possibilities are way bigger and are only dependent on Your needs.


sdsd If You’re looking for changes in Your organization which will optimize costs. You don’t need to decide on restructuring. There are other choices for lowering employees costs. Maybe You’re interested in temporary worker? We’ll help You choose the best option aiming at elasticity of employment which You require in HR processes in Your organization.


Cooperation with us in employee leasing will allow You to:

  • Understand laws which will allow You to change conditions of employment
  • Use alternative forms of employment aiming at increasing elasticity of employment costs
  • Optimize systems of work time
  • Learn new possibilities and methods of employment reduction (both individual as well as group)
  • Effectively cooperate with employment agencies
  • Acquire higher number of workers with adequate qualifications without raising the costs
  • Reach specialists on international labor market knowing their cost while having guarantee of quality


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