Employee outsourcing

We offer outsourcing services mainly to textile and furniture industry, metalworking and manufacturing. The range includes not only employee assignment but also personnel transport, accommodation, workwear, professional equipment and other elements adjusted to customer requirements.


Our staff supervises the production workflow in the area of the facility entrusted to us.  Depending on requirements we are ready to either take partial responsibility for a single stage of a production process or to take full responsibility for the assembly of provided components to the stage of the final product.

Our employees mostly come from Ukraine, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.


By choosing our services you gain:

  • a great degree of an output flexibility and a better market adaptability
  • an opportunity of a full reduction in costs of production launches, maintenance or standstills
  • a chance to save time  and ability to focus on other areas of business
  • trained line personnel and managing staff ensuring excellent production quality
  • safety of our services guaranteed by a liability insurance cover of up to 500 000 PLN


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