Interim Management is a temporal provision of resources an skills basing on outsourcing. In human resources this kind of service is short or long-term introduction of Personal Director or HR Manager into structures of Your company. In this way we will help You with managing personal processes during changes or crisis. In our offer You can find wide array of HR outsourcing services.


Proper managing of personnel is often a key aspect influencing not only company income but also good atmosphere in Your team. Personal Director or HR Manager are key but yet quite expensive jobs. Regarding this we can provide You with a professional on lease working full-time or part-time. Such a service can allow You to lower costs while solving problems in company.


HR Interim allows you to:

  • Optimize payments in Your company
  • Create procedures and organizational structure
  • Create personal budget
  • Plan personnel’s development
  • Control employees on sick leave
  • Fill in roles during possible firing


  • Efficiency and reliability, each expert have wide various practical experience in theoretical preparation in Human Resources
  • direct communication – thank to constant cooperation with employees, data processing, proposing solutions and independent evaluation of current state is provided immediately
  • Optimization of cost related to social security and health insurance, social costs, costs regarding recruitment and eventual outplacement
  • Given wide experience and work in few organizations at once HR Manager doesn’t settle into routine


  • Restricted time of contract requires great project management skills as well as good time organization which allows manager to efficiently cope with different tasks.
  • HR Interim are experienced experts. Apart from proper HR educational preparation they also have experience working as Managers and Personal Directors.
  • Or experts keep in touch with HR in areas best fitted to their preferences and abilities. That way of work gives them higher elasticity and knowledge on various work environments, ways of management and organizational structures.

12 Good adjustment of solutions provided by our expert to needs of you company requires fast analysis and evaluation. Even though we create individual offer for each our clients. We’d like to show You general framework for process in Your company:

  1. Defining size of company
  2. Diagnosis of needs and current situation
  3. Proposition of work plan
  4. Choosing HR Interim Manager
  5. Introduction of solutions and actions
  6. Preliminary progress forecast
  7. Advising and creation of further company development plan
  8. Process closure


Service offered by us is also adapting to the new situation in HR, high concept, and the company’s internal organization capable of forming a defined relationship and Your position. The characteristic feature is also handy to diagnose and define the most important priorities, their implementation and enforcement. HR interim introduces a new view of the situation in the company. As a person from outside our specialist is not accustomed to the routine prevailing solutions for Your business. Emotional distance and short relationships help to make a cool assessment of the situation, making it easier to present difficult issues. Ultimately this allows greater efficiency.