Since 2000 associated with labor market, specializes in all types of employment agencies activities, employment advisory, job consulting and HR related services. Co-creator of modern tool to job assessment who also introduces and used up-to-date methods of recruitment for high level jobs. Also specializes in optimization of processes in companies. Actively engages in new contacts in country and international which help employment branch and labor market.

Professionally associated with:

  • Region Development Foundation
  • Polish Convention of Labor Agencies
  • Audit Commission Job Mobility Initiative

After the work he is still active, swimming and boxing drives him to further action. 




HR Manager

For over 10 years associated with recruitment on high level, specialists, managerial and mass jobs. Possesses good ground in selection and interpretation of psychological tests. Creator of conceptions for European Social Fund projects. She coordinates EU projects together with evaluation and testing. For few years works in business psychology area. Also associated with activating unemployed.

She leads trainings and works in areas like:

  • Stress coping, auto-presentation, interviews simulation
  • Psychologist, Assessor, Personnel Advisor, Coach
  • Assessment and Development Center
  • Job Counselling in schools

After work she loves spending time with close ones. In free time she indulges in creative work which is interior design (with chocolate bar in one hand… always).

Teresa Chrostek

Brand & Marketing Manager

Viktoriia Tretiachenko

International Recruitment Manager

Bhavya Bhavsar

Recruitiment and Selection Consultant

Student M.Sc. Environmental engineering in Opole University of Technology. In our company he is responsible for operating recruitment on Global scale. Going closely through the clients requirement and finding suitable candidates in order to perform the duties assigned by clients. His goals – look closely towards Global Market. He speaks english, hindi, gujarati, marathi and he is learning polish. 

In his free time he love to spend time with loved ones.

His motto “Have a faith in your karma because it will reward in unexpected ways”

Włodzimierz Kamieniecki

Operational Manager

Justyna Świerc

HR & Payroll Manager

Agnieszka Gielas

Sales Manager

Agnieszka Gielas

Kierownik ds. legislacji i wsparcia klienta

Absolwentka Prawa na Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim oraz kierunku Zarządzanie i marketing na WSB o specjalizacji Komunikacja w biznesie. W branży HR pracuje od 3 lat. Posiada wieloletnie doświadczenie w samodzielnym prowadzeniu działalności gospodarczej. W naszej firmie zajmuje się sprzedażą usług outsourcingu pracowniczego oraz opieką nad realizowanymi projektami. Jest odpowiedzialna za utrzymywanie dobrych relacji z klientami. Prowadzi także procesy legalizacji pobytu i pracy cudzoziemców. Zna podstawy języka rosyjskiego, ukraińskiego oraz niemieckiego. 

W wolnych chwilach oddaje się pasji wędkarstwa oraz aranżacji wnętrz. 


Patricia Kaczmarek

Foreign Sales Specialist

Operating in recruitment mainly in The Netherlands specialized in issued inquiry, marketing and executive sales. This in order to provide a bridge between supply and demand in various markets such as Ukraine and The Netherlands.

In her free time i like to travel and discover the world unter water through diving. Beyond travelling she spend most of her time studying and being with loved ones. 

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