If You are looking for a way to optimize the organizational structure or the environment, which You manage, You can count on our knowledge and experience. We will take full responsibility of Your employees, regardless of whether You want to support individual experts or entire teams. Efficient management personnel in Your company will be the key to success, and the driving force behind the growth of competitiveness. With us You will increase productivity in Your company, make the rules of staffing processes, improve cooperation between departments and between workers of the basic positions, from professionals, to managers and directors.


With us:

• You will develop rules for recruitment and selection and specify the powers sought candidates

• optimize the current HR processes

• optimize the efficiency of working time (we will provide You the necessary information about the number of staff required to perform certain duties)

• You will make fundamental decisions about the optimal filling of various jobs in different departments of Your organization

• You will examine the satisfaction of employees

• You will develop an incentive and grading system

• perform a personal audit


12 Contact us to develop a system of personnel management in Your organization. Each item will individually adapt to Your needs.


How is this accomplished? First we analyze Your needs and specify goals that You want to achieve. We will examine Your entire subordinate structure focusing on the efficiency and the environment in which it operates. The study will be concerned in groups, as well as individual workstations, which we refer. Together, we look at the functions, roles and responsibilities of Your staff. We use for this purpose a series of psychometric tools, examining their competencies, personality, intelligence and aptitude favoring the workplace. Tools will be chose individually to Your needs. We will diagnose the relationship between subordinate employees that have an impact on their work performance and may cause stress or conflict. Then we will conduct workshops and training for Your employees that not only in theory but in practice mainly will prepare them for changes. At the end there is a report and help to monitor the implementations of the new policy for the best performance.

Please note that You can go for cooperation in individual areas that may require changes or go for a comprehensive service.