Closed training courses

Define your needs, set goals and let us do the work. We will schedule a training program, provide professional trainers and make sure that everything is maintained with highest standards.


Closed training courses are what distinguish us in the job training and development market. We consider ourselves open to Your needs and we will gladly adapt training program to Yours expectations. If You are looking for training courses in response to Your individual needs and preferences, we are the right partner. Proper evaluation will enable us to define the goals of Your company considering expectations towards development of employees and the direction company is heading to. Besides training program, we will also adapt to Your individual needs for the way and style of training, as well as the type of exercises and tasks.  We will organize the training in place and time convenient for You.


How does it work? Let’s assume that structure that You are managing is having a problem with a certain process in organization. We will define which parts of company are responsible for the problem and which skills need to be raised in order to fix it. We will choose proper methods, exercises and summarize and sum up the whole process in a report. In closed training we will focus on improving the performance of the whole company, taking into consideration individual development of human resources that Your company has and which are the key to the financial results.


Our methods are based on different type of learning, including blended learning, which is currently gaining bigger popularity due to the flexible and individual approach to training participants.  Blended learning successfully mix e-learning with traditional forms of training. The effects of such mix let us create training program in a very elastic way, taking into account precise goals, individually adapted topics, job category and the specificity of the group, which You like us to train. Also the blended learning is much more convenient for the participants.


Recently we organized such training courses as: Modern seller; Modern sales representative; Customer’s complaints; HR and payroll; Management of working time; Motivation of the employees; Change management; Knowledge management; Diversity management; Strategic management; Leadership; Coaching on-the-job; Financial controller; Financial forecasting and planning; Public Procurement Law; Ecological marketing….  and many others.

Success is to make people do right things in the right time.

We will make it possible! We invite You for our closed training courses. Our consultant will perform an internal audit in Your company and prepare program perfectly adapted to Your expectations.


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