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Career Designers (Projektanci Kariery) is a corporate group present in Europe since the year 2000 that remain successful in the domain of human resources in Poland and abroad. We are a professionals dedicated to providing complex HR management solutions for business customers and people interested in their professional development. While considering the work market as an open geographical area, we approach it globally. We recruit specialists and unqualified personnel mainly from abroad to work in Europe in manufacturing industry. We have two years of experience in recruiting people from India. Our motto – people matter most – stresses both the importance of human resources in business and our approach to the employees. 

In partnership with Wyższa Szkola Biznesu – National-Louis University we are recruiting people from India to study in Poland. During your studies, thanks to cooperation with our company, you will be able to work part-time and after graduation, we will support you in finding a suitable job. We are currently recruiting for February 2021in- take. 



Why is it worth it:

  1. After completing first and second cycle studies in Poland you can apply for a residence and work permit with free access to the labor market (up to 3 years) or you can apply for a residence permit to look for a job for a graduate (up to 9 months). Also you can travel to the Schengen Area for tourist purposes (up to 90 days). 
  2. Applying with our company you will get 5 % discount on tuition fees
  3. We will help with finding a part time job in Poland
  4. If you have a full time student status and you are below 26 years old you are exempted from paying taxes and national security in Poland.
  5. We will help you go through visa application process


WSB – NLU is one of the oldest non-public universities in Poland, located in Nowy Sacz, Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Created as an international university in 1991, has enjoyed support from American and UK university partners (ex. National Louis University in Chicago – USA). WSB-NLU is an international provider of quality graduates at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. It offers first and second degree studies in: Computer Science, Management, as well as post-graduate studies, including MBA programs. The University provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, sports facilities, financial aids and/or scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities, as well as administrative services.


Apply now to study at the utterly international University where:

  1. Curriculum maintains American educational quality standards for the fraction of price of US universities.
  2. Educational practices are based on a practical approach – case studies, workshops and project-based learning.
  3. The essence of  studies are life projects under the patronage of the main industry players. 
  4. The teaching staff consists mostly of active employees of companies and institutions. 
  5. You can network with wide range of people during interesting events organized by the university. 
  6. All the study resources are available in your phone via innovative system of learning support – CloudA. 
  7. A lot of  scholarships for the students who successfully completed first year are available.


Currently available courses:


  1. Computer Science (Engineering) – 7 semesters 

3,5-Year Studies in Computer Science provide students with versatile professional preparation, with special emphasis on Internet technologies and IT business applications programmed in .NET Framework. Classes at WSB-NLU are conducted in English, by highly qualified instructors, in cooperation with the best IT companies in Poland and from abroad.

During the studies, students have the opportunity to participate in professional courses run within the Microsoft IT Academy program and CISCO Computer Network Academy and to obtain various certificates. By completing the studies, participants obtain the Engineer’s degree. Such degree along with certificates confirm possession of specialist knowledge, and greatly contribute to the future career and professional development of an IT specialist.

Specializations: Business Application Developer and Game Developer


  1. Management (Bachelor) – 7 semesters

This course offers you a programme of learning which will expose you to the realities of management and the managerial experience in a variety of contexts. The course covers the relevance of both management theory and practice for the solution of problems in international, national and local arenas and in the private and public sectors. You will be provided with an educational experience which both complements and challenges accepted thinking, norms and perceptions in business and management.

Specializations: Account Manager, Business Analyst, Hotel Manager, Logistics Manager, Brand And Public Relation Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Public Administration Manager, Occupational Health And Safety Inspector, Financial And Accountant Manager and Event Manager. 


  1. Management (Master) – 4 semesters

This course helps to stand out in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. Developed in partnership with the top recruiting companies, it equips you with the critical business understanding, adaptive mind-set, international perspective and business-ready practical skills to hit the ground running.

Specializations: Project Management, Human Resources Management, Company Management, Financial Management, Global Business Management, Promotion and Sales Techniques, Management in Public Administration, Management in the Tourism and Restaurant Business and Contemporary Accounting



  • First year: 2850 EUR (Applying with Career Designers you will receive 5% discount – normally you will pay 3000 EUR) 
  • Next years: 2000 EUR/year
  • admission fee: 100 EUR/first year
  • Full return of the University tuition fees  in case visa refusal guaranteed!


Applying steps:

To qualify you must first meet the minimum requirements for entry into higher education in India, have a matriculation certificate or equivalent document and be able to prove your English skills.

  1. At first you need to fill our application form.
  2. After sending this document our Consultant will contact with you and ask about sending more document on e-mail
  • copy of passport (first and last page)
  • high school final certificate or diploma of completing 1st degree studies
  • english language certificate
  • cover letter: The write-up must be prepared in English, and must have around 200 words. It should cover the following topics: tells us about yourself (around 30 words), tell us why you have chosen to study the specific area (around 70 words), tell us where you see yourself in 5 years from now (around 50 words), tell us why you have chosen Poland as a place to study (around 50 words)
  1. After successful verification you will get the conditional offer letter from the university.
  2. At this point you will have to pay tuition fees (and send apostilled certificate/diploma, if apostille wasn’t done earlier).
  3. Once these are paid, we will send you an offer letter, needed for applying for Polish visa.


Check for more informations (FAQ). 



Example of documents:



tel. (WhatsApp):+48 692 805 990