Career Designers is a corporate group present in Europe since the year 2000 and specializing in logistics, furniture, manufacturing and metal industries. We recruit specialists and unqualified personnel mainly from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Southern and South-Eastern Asia to work in Europe. We provide a comprehensive service offering our staff employment, assistance and a decent standard of living in Poland.

Currently, we are looking for candidates for the position:


Location: Kalisz (Greater Poland Voivodeship)

oferty pracy


  • manufacturing full metal constructions or their components
  • operating mechanical hand tools used for grinding and cutting
  • welding joints of components/ constructions, drilling
  • finishing treatment of welded seams
  • assembly of constructions and technological installations in accordance with a technical drawing
  • other locksmith services and similar tasks


  • at least 1 year of experience in a similar position, background in metal constructions
  • mechanical operating of hand tools and welding devices
  • ability to understand and read technical drawings
  • full driving licence (category B) will be an asset
  • language skills enabling communication in one of the following languages required: Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian

We offer

  • wage level:
    • employees over 26: 16-17 PLN net per hour
    • employees under 26: 17,10-18,16 PLN net per hour
    • students under 26: 21,18-22,50 PLN net per hour
  • employment on the basis of a contract of mandate (on average 200-260 hours per month)
  • accommodation (cost of 400 PLN per month)
  • assistance in obtaining a Polish residence card
  • professional development opportunity
  • a bonus for referring candidates for employment

Additional information

To apply for this opportunity, please submit your CV via our application form.

Should you have further questions – we invite you to contact our International Recruitment Desk:

tel. (WhatsApp / Viber): +38098 168 11 28



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