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Why don’t they feel like it? – or the art of motivating as a huge asset of an efficient manager

Training target

The purpose of the training is to gain knowledge about efficient motivation of employees and to develop the ability to efficiently motivate others. 


Participants profile

Middle and upper management. 


Advantages for participants

  • acquisition of knowledge about good practices in motivating employees
  • learning how to communicate efficiently while motivating others
  • learning how to set smart team objectives and how to communicate them in a smart way
  • learning how to keep appropriate level of employees’ motivation
  • learning how to build a project team enjoying a positive working atmosphere and a hard-working team spirit

trainer profile

Trainer and advisor in the field of development of personal skills at work. 

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training methods

  • group case study
  • individual case study
  • simulations
  • individual and team coaching
  • practical tasks in small groups
  • individual practical tasks
  • moderated and panel discussion
  • role playing and short lectures
  • analysis and simulation tasks based on presented data
  • creative thinking techniques
  • questionnaires and tests




MODULE I. Communication, communication, communication

  • two-way communication in motivating: talking and active listening
  • contracting and contacting during task completion
  • being “comprehensible” and reading the intentions of others


MODULE II. Motivating ordinary people to complete extraordinary tasks

  • building smart goals
  • giving smart presentation of goals
  • collective decision-making on ways to achieve objectives

MODULE III.  Needs and abilities of the motivated

  • diagnosis of worker’s needs regarding task completion
  • analysis of worker’s abilities regarding task completion
  • supporting worker’s development during task completion



MODULE I. Motivation does not last forever

  • motivating yourself to motivate others
  • keeping the high motivation level
  • specifying personal benefits of motivated employees


MODULE II. Team, atmosphere, cooperation

  • group membership and motivation for achievements
  • team building and the level of team spirit in task completion
  • ethical competition


MODULE III. Am I a boss that I would like to have?

  • exclusiveness of a team you are working with
  • exclusiveness of a task and advantage of completing it
  • exclusiveness of a boss your team is working with

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