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2 850 euro* / first year and 2 000 euro / next years

Trainings duration:
3,5 year

tel.: +48 692 805 990

Miejsce szkolenia:
Poland (Nowy Sącz)

Training date:
od 2021-03-01
do 2024-06-30
/ w godz.


Computer Science Study (Engineering)

Course in Computer Science equips students with agile professional preparation. It puts special emphasis on Internet technologies and IT business applications programmed in .NET Framework.


Classes are conducted in English by highly qualified instructors in collaboration with the best IT companies from Poland and abroad. Students have an opportunity to participate in professional courses run within the Microsoft IT Academy program and CISCO Computer Network Academy in order to obtain various desired by the employer’s certificates confirming possession of specialist knowledge. 


During the third and fourth year of their studies students conduct extensive commercial projects for the largest companies. Students do internships and apprenticeships in companies that have taken patronage of the above majors. The companies that University cooperate with have many years of experience in the production of business software and video games for the European market.


By completing the studies participants get Engineer degree. Such degree along with certificates confirm possession of specialist knowledge, and greatly contribute to the future career and professional development of an IT specialist.


During the course of studies students choose one of the specializations (upon availability):

  • Business Application Developer – a team of students realize advanced business applications (desktop, Internet and mobile) working in accordance with the rules that apply in professional programming teams of the largest software companies;
  • Game Developer – students create individual and group games running on computer, console and mobile device.


What makes WSB-NLU special?

  • they organize regular IT shows called Power of Information Technology, which is attended by about 2000 participants every year
  • as part of the .NET Programming Team, they organized the Conference Flavours of Programming 1 and 2. 860 people came to the event
  • they organized the ITAD Conference (together with Microsoft) – 350 people attended the conference
  • they work with leading IT companies
  • their students receive special Microsoft certificates confirming the quality of education
  • they organize trips for students to the largest IT companies in Poland and in the world
  • they are using an innovative teaching method – Project-Based Learning
  • the specialization classes are conducted by practitioners – professional business programmers and game developers, who pass on to students the practical knowledge gained during their career. 


*Apply with our company to get 5% discount! Standard price is 3000 euro/first year

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