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Advanced negotiation techniques – negotiations in the multicultural environment

Training target

  • individual and cognitive goals
  • broadening participants’ knowledge regarding the field of negotiations
  • demonstrating efficiency of chosen negotiation techniques
  • increasing the effectiveness
  • acquiring efficient negotiation skills

Participants profile

  • employees and teams holding conversations, negotiations
  • employees of customer service and sales division
  • supervisors, team leaders

Advantages for participants

  • acquiring and using negotiation skills
  • ability to reach your targets
  • benefiting the company while maintaining the code of ethics
  • increasing amount and quality of negotiated contracts
  • customer satisfaction

trainer profile

Negotiation and mediation trainer and specialist. 

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training methods

  • comprehensible and interactive presentation of the content
  • description and explanation of a particular technique or method
  • practical training of learnt techniques
  • group case study
  • thematic games and group exercises with trainer’s support
  • individual tasks with trainer’s support




MODULE I.  Preparation for negotiations – how to prepare properly for a conversation?

  • determining your alternatives and reservation values in negotiations (iso – ideal, average, final)
  • techniques for specifying conversation methods putting negotiator’s tools into action
  • identifying preferences, strengths and priorities of your counterparty,
    methods of preparation for a conversation


MODULE II. A persuasive model of presenting – How to present your position/offer during a conversation successfully?

  • exposition of a persuasive model of presenting
  • building argumentation on real life examples
  • strategy of creating information superiority in a conversation
  • argumentation sources
  • chosen persuasive techniques


MODULE III.  Negotiation techniques and response modes – what can be used during conversations?

  • escalation techniques adopted in negotiations
  • techniques adopted in the initial and in the final stage of negotiations
  • techniques for presenting a product or an institution
  • self-presentation techniques
  • psychological manipulation techniques



MODULE IV. Negotiation strategies – How to approach a conversation?

  • competition, accommodation, avoidance, compromise and cooperation strategies
  • win – lose, lose – win, win – win strategies
  • flexibility as a category and a key to negotiation success
  • a standard practice of a “flexible attitude in negotiations”


MODULE V. Breaking the impasse in conversations – How to overcome difficult moments during a conversation?

  • rules concerning dealing with threat in negotiations       
  • identifying impasse and stand-off situations
  • techniques for breaking the impasse in a conversation
  • the art of putting questions revealing the reason for refusal


MODULE VI. Manipulation response strategy – how to handle manipulation?

  • common manipulation techniques
  • manipulation response methods


MODULE VII. Finalisation of negotiations

  • techniques applied in the finalisation of negotiations
  • analysis of goal achievement

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