Founder of Region Development Foundation. The Foundation was set up for the purposes of accomplishing social an economically useful goals through supporting the development of economy and science as well as initiation long-term relations and connections among social and economical partners in order to achieve added value, resulting from the cooperation.

PK_FRR Dawid emphasizes that the main goal of the Region Development Foundation is providing support in terms of professional development for as many people as possible.


– Our country should develop much faster and this is the last moment for the integration of education and employment sectors in Poland. The situation is bad, many people left our country to work abroad, the education system doesn’t meet the requirements of the job market. The employers expect experience that young people will always lack. There are many ways we can deal with the situation, we can prevent the demographic catastrophe which is coming.


The idea of Region Development Foundation refers to the key fundamentals i.e. supporting the connections among the partners from the business and social sectors, creating clusters in order to boost the development of region development and aiming at the increase of the potential of particular foundation partners.